What is Raison d’Être?

raison d’être travel isn’t just another travel agency. It’s a thoughtful way of approaching travel. The term “raison d’être” is French for “reason for being”. I strive to capture my clients’ raisons d’être within every bespoke itinerary. For those interested in elevated travel experiences, I am here to not only provide guidance, but to ensure all travel needs and desires are taken into account. As a member of Virtuoso, I have a wide range of partners in all areas of the world, ready to collaborate on that perfect itinerary.


Stephanie Williamson has 15+ years of travel and hospitality experience, beginning with a college job working for Hilton hotels. After several years in the hotel industry, she moved out of hospitality and into administrative roles within various companies, where she organized and facilitated corporate travel for high-level executives. Born in Arizona and bred between Switzerland and upstate New York, she has a deep appreciation and understanding for all things culture, travel, and adventure, and is perpetually planning her next trip, whether domestic or international. 

A proud partner of TRAVELLUSTRE

Part of a team of passionate travel advisors, together, we are the experts on luxury travel and unique experiences. Personally, I strive to incorporate your “raison d’être” into every trip and to curate travel based on authenticity, insider knowledge, and most importantly, my client. In my opinion, no detail is too small and no dream is too big. I thrive off creating and designing the best itinerary for my clients, whether your focus is efficiency in corporate travel or leisure travel and adventure, relaxation, culinary experiences, etc.

What’s Important to Us

…because survival is insufficient.

The “r” in the logo is not really an “r”, but a Nordic rune called the raido. I first came across it and its meaning on a trip to Iceland years ago. Every rune has several different meanings and, while this one is no different, it’s mainly viewed as a travel rune with meanings such as “protection for the traveler” and “the journey is the destination”. The journey is the destination and not merely a means to an end. In the context of Raison d’Être Travel, this simply means that the planning process is not something to be rushed through, procrastinated on, or brushed aside. I truly love every aspect of traveling, including the planning, and my wish is to share that feeling with clients. My goal is to prolong that initial giddy feeling of going on a trip, truly elevating the experience as a whole. Let’s do this together.

Affiliations & Preferred Partners

Virtuoso, by invitation only, is the world’s premier luxury and experiential travel network comprised of the top travel providers and destinations worldwide. Ultimately, Virtuoso is a network of relationships that grants you, the traveler, access to exclusive amenities, upgrades and experiences.

As a few examples of the type of invaluable access this network grants, Virtuoso advisors have arranged private, after-hours tours of the Louvre, tours of Cartier’s hidden atelier, and Cirque du Soleil birthday parties in the Grand Canyon.

All of the advisors with TRAVELLUSTRE are proud members of Virtuoso. As an esteemed member of Virtuoso, we provide our clients with exclusive programs, value-added benefits, and extra amenities wherever they travel throughout the world. With worldwide connections, unparalleled expertise, and customized travel experiences, TL works within the Virtuoso network to ensure personal preferences are reflected in every aspect of our clients’ trips. The combination of all these assets and our dedicated team of travel lifestyle consultants will deliver the best value and a lifetime of memories.

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